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Vulnerability Management

Marking findings in the Crashtest Security suite

You can find the functionality to mark a detected finding as a False Positive on the last scan page of each scan target. Here you have three options, and you can mark your result as false positive, won’t fix, or accept risk. 

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False Positive Marking: By Marking a finding as “False Positive” marking, you tell the scanners that the result is false positive, and you don’t want to see this finding again in the following scans.

Accept Risk: If you mark a finding as “Accept Risk,” you tell scanners that you are aware of the risk and do not want to see this finding in the following scans.

Won’t Fix: When you mark a finding as “Won’t Fix,” you inform the scanners that you are aware of the issue and the vulnerability is not fixable, so you do not want to see this finding on the following scans in the findings list.

After you mark a finding with any of these three options, you will be able to see them in the “Ignore Findings” table.

Crashtest Security Suite Markings Operation

On this page, you can see all the findings you marked and the ignored reason. You have an option to “Undo” the mark. If you click on the undo button, the result will be seen in the findings list, and also it will appear for the following scans.