Team and Permission Management

To collaborate on security, you can create teams, invite your colleagues, and set permissions who can create and edit your projects.

Security is a topic that often needs a team to tackle. Therefore, we provide you with groups to organize your projects and configure access for your team members.

Teams Overview

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You can see all your teams on the "Teams" page by clicking on the teams' icon in the left menu bar. Creating a new group is possible using the plus yellow button at the bottom of the page.

To switch your currently active team (e.g., to see the projects of another group), use the team switcher in the top menu bar.

Team Page

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To reach the team page for a single team, click on the team in the Teams Overview table. Here you can add team members, change their roles or remove members from the team.

You can only add members to your team that already have an account in the Crashtest Security Suite. For custom solutions including more management functionality, talk to us.

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Roles and Permissions

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 15.58.23When you add a new member to your team, you need to choose the team member's role. Each role has a particular set of permissions for your team and all projects in the group.

In our cloud solution, we defined the roles as described below. In our custom solution, you can define your roles and permission structure. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

  • Developer:
    • Has only read permissions for your projects.
    • I cannot start a security scan.
    • Cannot create any new projects.
    • No access to billing information.
  • Security Engineer:
    • Has edit permissions for your existing projects, such as throttling limit or authentication settings.
    • Can start scans.
    • Cannot create any new projects.
    • No access to billing information.
  • Team Admin:
    • Has full permissions on your existing projects.
    • Can start scans.
    • Can create new projects and add, edit, and delete team members.
    • Manages the billing information.

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