How to request a manual scan target verification?

Sometimes, users can not use file upload and API Endpoints as verification methods — we also offer manual scan target verification in some cases.

Who qualifies for manual scan target verification?

In exceptional cases, where verification of the project is not possible via File Upload or API Endpoints, we offer the possibility of a manual scan verification. This feature is usually available only for users of the “Professional” and Enterprise subscription plans, but we might also review specific cases for other subscription plans.

What do you need to do?

Select the Verify Scan Target section option to request the manual verification section before starting your Full Scan. Then, by clicking the “Contact Customer Support” button, a pre-generated email containing the necessary information to verify the scan target opens up on your screen. If needed, you can add more details to the email, but do not remove any pre-included data.


Crashtest Security Manual scan target verification 

Please be aware that we cannot verify a scan target without a written confirmation that you are authorized to run an invasive scan on that application (ownership rights). Therefore, you must include the generated Scan ID and the Scan URL in your request.

How long does it take?

In contrast to the other verification methods that automatically start the scan, the manual verification process is longer. It might take up to two working days, so delays in your scan could occur.